Sustainable Development Goals: A Guide To Data And Development

We are happy to share the 2018 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With over 180 maps and graphs, the new publication indicates the advanced societies are making towards the 17 SDGs.

It’s full of interpreted data visualizations, which can be reproducibly produced from data and source code. You can watch the SDG Atlas online, download the PDF book (30Mb), and get the data and source code behind the figures.

This Atlas would not be viable without the efforts of information scientists and statisticians working in global and national agencies around the globe. It’s produced in collaboration with the professionals across the World Bank’s data and research teams, and our international sectoral practices.

The Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2018 shows maps, graphs, and stories regarding the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It addresses trends, correlations, and measurement problems …

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