Environmental Issues Are Being Tackled in Singapore in 2019

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In every nation, there are different environmental challenges that affect the welfare of the people and the economy in various ways. Like other countries, Singapore is not spared from various environmental issues. However, the good news is that it promotes good practices toward environmental protection by all stakeholders.

Likewise, Singapore also aims to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs by 2030. Against this background, Singapore hosts Ecosperity Conferences annually, and these consist of global leaders committed to sustainability. The conference focuses on various key themes every year.

In 2019, Ecosperity conference aims to explore new approaches to water, energy as well as material flow to achieve low carbon. The other area of focus is to promote sustainability by building a resource-efficient future. As such the upcoming Ecosperity Conference in Singapore tackles different issues about sustainability.…

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What Can Humans Do To Help Protect Our Environment?

City At Night in Asia

The environment sustains all aspects of life, but there is growing concern that the impact of human activities and urban developments are responsible for environmental degradation. We depend on the environment for all our needs that include the following: water, food, clean air, and various commodities that are processed from natural resources extracted from the earth.

As such, Environmental Management (EM) deserves due attention to ensure sustainable development for the benefit of future generations. Everyone has a responsibility to play a role to protect our environment, and this extends to animals as well. However, certain individuals should play a leading role in promoting the EM initiative.

What Is Environmental Management?

Environmental Management is primarily concerned with offering research and different views on the use and conservation of the environment. The field of environmental management encompasses the protection of habitat and …

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Some Of the Biggest Environmental Challenges Faced by Southeast Asia

Environmental Challenges Southeast Asia

Global warming is “global” for a reason. While there is sometimes a tendency to focus in on the bigger stories, or the effects that hit close to home, this is multinational. Every sea is heating up and rising. Every region is struggling with sustainability and urbanization.

Species are disappearing on every continent. The region of Southeast Asia is no different. This biologically diverse, beautiful area is now struggling with issues of increased pollution, poor resource management, and species and habitat loss.

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