How The ASEAN Can Help Southeast Asia’s Oceans

ASEAN Can Help Southeast Asia's Oceans

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is an organization that brings together ten coastal countries in the region. Their shared goal is to aid the economic and social development of the region broadly, with each country working together. As of 2017, the chair of the ASEAN is the Philippines – having formerly been Laos.

It up to the Philippine government to take control on leading issues, one of which is the health and protection of the region’s oceans. ASEAN needs to lead the way on new measures for the conservation of these vital habitats. There are many threats to contend with, but also many potential solutions.

One of the many charms of this Southeast Asian region is the rich biodiversity of its vast oceans. However, this is increasingly under threat.

Part of the reason that the oceans are so important …

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