14 Ways We Can Protect The Environment

Protect The Environment

Unfortunately, humans have never been excellent stewards of the Earth through the years. We only have one Earth so let’s all pull together and protect our planet.  Most of us should take proactive measures toward cleaner living habits to protect the environment and conserve the world for our children and future generations.  Most of the harm to our environment stems from ingestion: what we eat, how much we eat, and how frequently.

We’re all retail consumers, including gas, food, clothes, furniture, cars, water, toys, knick-knacks, or other products. The key isn’t to stop consuming but to consider our consumption habits and how everyone buys or activity affects the ecosystem.…

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Surviving Today’s Covid-19 Coronavirus Environment

Covid-19 Coronavirus and our environment

The rapid onset and spread of the new COVID-19 coronavirus is proving to be a big challenge for public health officials throughout the world.  Coronaviruses are a family of viruses. Some cause infection in people, and other infect animals.

Animals infected with coronaviruses can rarely spread the infection to humans. This jump to humans is what happened with the new virus, which has led to the worldwide outbreak of “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2”, called SARS-CoV-2. This is how the new virus got the name COVID-19, 19 is for 2019 when it was discovered.…

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UN Environment Department Is Prepared To Help Guide Asia

UN Environment guidelines

In the Asia Pacific, UN Environment works at the regional, sub-regional, and federal levels. There are five sub-regions: South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and South Pacific.

Work is concentrated on the six cross-cutting thematic priorities of UN Environment:

Climate Change

Asia-Pacific is among the most vulnerable regions to climate change, and impacts are projected to become more intense in the future. It accounts for almost half of global greenhouse gas emissions. UN Environment helps nations face the challenge of adjusting to a dynamic climate at the same time as handling greenhouse gas emissions.

In the Asia Pacific, UN Environment focuses on:

  • Improving understanding and sharing knowledge on science, policies, and best practices
  • Assessing technology needs and facilitating technology transfer for adaptation and mitigation
  • Integrating climate change into national and sectoral systems and strategies
  • Facilitating willingness for and access to
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Environmental Issues Are Being Tackled in Singapore in 2019

students working together in Singapore

In every nation, there are different environmental challenges that affect the welfare of the people and the economy in various ways. Like other countries, Singapore is not spared from various environmental issues. However, the good news is that it promotes good practices toward environmental protection by all stakeholders.

Likewise, Singapore also aims to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs by 2030. Against this background, Singapore hosts Ecosperity Conferences annually, and these consist of global leaders committed to sustainability. The conference focuses on various key themes every year.

In 2019, Ecosperity conference aims to explore new approaches to water, energy as well as material flow to achieve low carbon. The other area of focus is to promote sustainability by building a resource-efficient future. As such the upcoming Ecosperity Conference in Singapore tackles different issues about sustainability.…

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What Can Humans Do To Help Protect Our Environment?

City At Night in Asia

The environment sustains all aspects of life, but there is growing concern that the impact of human activities and urban developments are responsible for environmental degradation. We depend on the environment for all our needs that include the following: water, food, clean air, and various commodities that are processed from natural resources extracted from the earth.

As such, Environmental Management (EM) deserves due attention to ensure sustainable development for the benefit of future generations. Everyone has a responsibility to play a role to protect our environment, and this extends to animals as well. However, certain individuals should play a leading role in promoting the EM initiative.

What Is Environmental Management?

Environmental Management is primarily concerned with offering research and different views on the use and conservation of the environment. The field of environmental management encompasses the protection of habitat and …

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Central Air Conditioning May Not Be The Best Choice for New Urban Development

High Rise HVAC Systems

Air conditioning is a necessity in some parts of the world and not a luxury. There are regions of Asia Pacific struggling with the rising temperatures as the climate changes. Many major cities continue to rise with urbanization but lack the best HVAC solutions for tenants.

Many people in this region need a better, updated solution for their heating and cooling needs. Old-fashioned large build-in systems may not be the best choice anymore. Improved systems could transform apartment living for millions across the Asia Pacific. Tenants just need to know what is better to use. Did you know that for example, using small portable air conditioners in single rooms can consume far less electricity each month, according to CoolAndPortable.com, than running a large central A/C system all day long?

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The Issue of Consumer Air Conditioning in the Greater Asia-Pacific Region

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning

The increasing heat of the summer season, the overpopulation of major cities, and the hectic schedules of citizens means an increased need for consumer air conditioning.

There are growing concerns in the Asia Pacific region, where the A/C systems are starting to be more common, accessible, and necessary than ever before. There is a strong need for reliable air conditioning in the region, where it was once limited. This means a need to provide comfortable living conditions in the height of summer for the consumer housing market.

The ideal solution here is to provide the very best in green air conditioning solutions for rooms that require them, as described in CoolAndPortable.com’s buying guide, “How to Select the Best Portable Air Conditioner“.  Ineffective, out-dated machines will make the problem considerably worse when it comes to power wasted and chemicals

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Some Of the Biggest Environmental Challenges Faced by Southeast Asia

Environmental Challenges Southeast Asia

Global warming is “global” for a reason. While there is sometimes a tendency to focus in on the bigger stories, or the effects that hit close to home, this is multinational. Every sea is heating up and rising. Every region is struggling with sustainability and urbanization.

Species are disappearing on every continent. The region of Southeast Asia is no different. This biologically diverse, beautiful area is now struggling with issues of increased pollution, poor resource management, and species and habitat loss.

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An Overview Of Japan’s Environmental Issues And Policies

Japan Environment Issues

Japan is an East Asian Country comprising of four main islands and thousands of other small islands. This sovereign island nation is located on the Northern Coast of Pacific Asia. Surprisingly, only 18 % of Japans’ land is suitable for settlement, a reason the population of this great nation is clustered in the central cities.

One major reason as to why Japan will always remain in our minds and tongues is because of Tokyo; World’s Largest Urban Center in the entire world. More unbelievable is that, Tokyo, which happens to be the capital city of Japan, is also the home to 36 million people. That is real incredible! It is more than the total population of several other nations.

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How To Keep Cool When Travelling to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia water security

Southeast Asia is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking regions in the world. However, given the tropical climate of the area, it is also among the hottest regions in the world.

For example, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia temperatures during the day can reach 35 degrees Celsius while in Chuping (which is in the northernmost state) temperatures have even reached 40 degrees Celsius on some occasions.

On the other hand, the World Meteorological Organization named Bangkok, Thailand the hottest city in the world in 2016. The situation is further compounded by the fact that it is humid and temperatures are high all through the year except later January and early February when they drop a bit.

What’s more, temperatures remain high even at night. This heat is bound to worry anyone with intentions to visit or even live in Asia. …

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China Builds Biggest Solar Power Farm

China Solar Farm

The phrase “Chinese Solar Farm” is something that many environmentalists never expected to hear. There is now a massive development in Longyangxia and more on the way. The farm sits behind a big poster of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping with the slogan “Promote green development! Develop clean energy!”

It is an impressive 27 sq./km solar farm that signals a significant change in attitudes in China. They want to help the fight against global warming after decades of bad decisions, emissions and refusals to sign treaties.

The question is, why now? What has to trigger this new change in attitude and such a bold exclamation of promotion and development? Is it money, environmental pressure, Trump or something else?

This new solar farm is a big step forward for China, who once turned their backs entirely on the prospect.

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