Does Solar Power Generation Signal The End Of Electric Utilities?

Solar Power Generation

Green energy is not a fad in the US. More and more families are keen to improve their carbon footprint as best they can, and solar power generation systems are an obvious first step. A clearer picture of the damage to the environment and the recent first-hand experiences of climate change via Hurricanes help to deliver a further blow for fossil fuels and traditional energy supplies. The US has seen a divide between good and evil with solar and grid energy for a while. The question is, is this divide irreparable with solar finally winning? Or, is there still some fight left in these traditional utilities?…

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China Builds Biggest Solar Power Farm

China Solar Farm

The phrase Chinese solar farm is something that many environmentalists never expected to here. There is now a massive development in Longyangxia and more on the way. The farm sit behind a big poster of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping with the slogan “Promote green development! Develop clean energy!”

It is an impressive 27sqkm solar farm that signals a significant change in attitudes in China. They want to help the fight against global warming after decades of bad decisions, emissions and refusals to sign treaties.

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