Does Solar Power Generation Signal The End Of Electric Utilities?

Solar Power Generation

Green energy is not a fad in the US. More and more families are keen to improve their carbon footprint as best they can, and solar power generation systems are an obvious first step. A clearer picture of the damage to the environment and the recent first-hand experiences of climate change via Hurricanes help to deliver a further blow for fossil fuels and traditional energy supplies. The US has seen a divide between good and evil with solar and grid energy for a while. The question is, is this divide irreparable with solar finally winning? Or, is there still some fight left in these traditional utilities?…

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Some Of the Biggest Environmental Challenges Faced by Southeast Asia

Environmental Challenges Southeast Asia

Global warming is “global” for a reason. While there is sometimes a tendency to focus in on the bigger stories, or the effects that hit close to home, this is multinational. Every sea is heating up and rising. Every region is struggling with sustainability and urbanization.

Species are disappearing on every continent. The region of Southeast Asia is no different. This biologically diverse, beautiful area is now struggling with issues of increased pollution, poor resource management, and species and habitat loss.

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