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APFED II Fourth Plenary Meeting
The APFED II Fourth Plenary Meeting was held at Waterfront Insular Hotel, Davao, Philippines from 25 - 26 July 2008. The Meeting was sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, and co-organised by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Philippines, Davao City Government and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in collaboration with Earth Council Asia-Pacific.

About 80 persons attended the meeting including the APFED members, special advisors, NetRes institute representatives, resource persons, observers and the representatives and staff members of sponsoring and co-organizing organisations.
25 - 26 July 2008
Davao, Philippines
Chair's Summary
Participants List
DAY 1: 25 July 2008 (Friday)
09:00 Opening Ceremony
Opening Remarks
by Mr. Masayoshi Namiki, Vice Minister of the Environment, Government of Japan
Welcoming Remarks
by Mr. Demetrio L. Ignacio, Jr., Undersecretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Republic of Philippines
Welcoming Remarks
by Mr. Leo Avila, Councillor, Davao City Council
Keynote Speech
by Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi, Chair, APFED, Member, House of Councillors, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Minister of Environment, Japan
Overview of the Meeting
by Prof. Hironori Hamanaka, Chair of the Board of Directors, IGES
9:40 APFED Knowledge Initiative: Announcement of the 2008 Ryutaro Hashimoto APFED Awards
(i) Awards Ceremony
- Gold Prize
- Silver Prize
- Incentive Prize
(ii) Presentations on Award Winning Good Practice
- Gold Prize
Title: Mitigation of the Effects of CO2 and Other Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) by controlling Slash & Burn Farming
by Mr. Khop Narayan Shrestha, Executive Chairman, MDI-Nepal
- Silver Prize
Title: Utilization of Kyoto Protocolfs Clean Development Mechanism to enable investment by the private sector with Public Private Partnership business model to convert open dumps to engineered landfills in Indonesia to improve waste management, improve energy security with renewable energy for community development and mitigate against climate change.
by Mr. Joseph Wu Chao Hwang, Director, PT Gikoko Kogyo Indonesia

Title: Improving Rural Livelihoods: Promoting Sustainable and Safer Vegetable Production
by Dr. Syed Nurul Alam, Entomology Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)
- Incentive Prize
by Mr.Hon Maximo M.Estela, Mayor, Municipality of Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte
10:55 Photo Session and Coffee Break
11:20 Adoption of Agenda for the APFEDII 4th Plenary Meeting
11:25 Session I: Overview of the APFEDII
Progress of the APFEDII Activities / Activity Plan for FY2008
by Mr. Hideyuki Mori, Vice President, IGES
11:40 Session II: APFED Knowledge Initiative
(i) Overall Assessment of APFED Awards
(ii) Activity Plan for FY2008

by Ms. Kyoko Matsumoto, Researcher, Programme Management Office (PMO), IGES
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Special Presentation
“Methane Biogas CDM Project in Cecilia Livestock Farm”
by Mrs. Teresita Pascual, General Manager, Cecilia Livestock Farm, Davao City
14:00 Session III: APFED Innovation Showcase
(i) Operation of the Showcase Facility
by Ms. Aretha Aprilia, Programme Specialist, United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for Asia-Pacific (UNEP/ROAP)
(ii) Overview of APFED Showcase Programme
by Ms. Ikuyo Kikusawa, Visiting Researcher, PMO, IGES
15:00 Session IV: NetRes
by Mr. Masanori Kobayashi, Coordinator, PMO, IGES and Ms. Tomoko Noguchi, Visiting Researcher, PMO, IGES
16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 Session V: APFED II Final Report
by Mr. Hiroshi Nishimiya, Deputy Programme Managing Director, IGES

“Clean Asia Initiative and Perspectives on the Japan's international cooperation for supporting environmental policy processes” by Atsuhiro Yoshinaka, Senior Policy Coordinator, Policy and Coordination Division, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan
17:30 Session VI: APFED Policy Dialogue
(i) Results of Policy Dialogues held in FY2007
Fifth APFED Policy Dialogue on “Climate Change”
Sixth APFED Policy Dialogue on “Education for Sustainable Development and the 3Rs”
(ii) Activity Plan for FY2008
by Mr. Masanori Kobayashi, Coordinator, PMO, IGES
18:30 Adjournment
DAY 2: 26 July 2008 (Saturday)
09:00 Session VII: Special Dialogue Session
(i) Tackling Climate Change and Reducing Poverty through Co-benefit Approaches
Presentation by Ms. Elisea, “Bebet” Gillera Gozun, Chairperson, Earth Council Asia-Pacific; Former Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Presentation by Mr. Masami Tsuji, Senior Environment Specialist, Asian Development Bank
(ii) Conserving Biodiversity and Enhancing Agro-bio Productivity: Towards pursuing models for integrated ecosystem management and alternative sustainable livelihood development
Presentation by Dr. Perry S. Ong, Associate Professor, Institute of Biology, College of Science, University of the Philippines Diliman

Presentation by Mr. Anshuman Saikia, Deputy Regional Programme Coordinator, IUCN Asia Region
11:00 Session VIII: Other Matters and Wrap-up of the Meeting
Meeting documents
Document 1: Provisional Agenda and Programme of Work
Document 2: List of Participants
Document 3: I: Overall Review of APFED II
Document 4: II: APFED Knowledge Initiative
Document 5: III: Report of the APFED Showcase Programme
Document 6: IV: NetRes
Document 7: V: APFED II Final Report
Document 8: VI: APFED Policy Dialogue
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