Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED), a regional group of eminent experts operating since its establishment in 2001 with the support by Ministry of the Environment, Japan, aims to address critical issues facing Asia and the Pacific and to propose new models for equitable and sustainable development of the region.

APFED II were launched in 2005 based on the recommendations made in the APFED I Final Report of 2004 to facilitate the implementation of the three programme pillars, namely (1) Policy Dialogues, (2) Knowledge Initiative (APFED Award and APFED Good Practice Database) and (3) Showcase Programme, implemented with the supporting institutional mechanism called the Asia-Pacific Regional Network of Policy Research Institute for Environmental and Sustainable Development (NetRes).

In September 2010, APFED II Final Report was successfully launched at the side event “Driving innovation Driving Innovation for Sustainable Development in Asia and Pacific - APFED Perspectives” during the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development in Asia and the Pacific (MCED 6) in Astana, Kazakhstan. The launching of the APFED II Final Report has marked the accomplishment of APFED II with the support of Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

In addition, APFED Booklet on Good Practices and Innovative Activities (2005-2009) for Achieving Sustainable Development in Asia Pacific was produced in April 2011 that features 75 good practices and innovative activities analyzed or supported under the APFED Award or Showcase Programme. It is hoped that the APFED II activities forged a basis to promote our collective endeavours to achieve sustainable development.

- APFED II Final Report17MB

- APFED Booklet on Good Practices and Innovative Activities 2005-20094MB
APFED Policy Dialogue aims to promote multi-stakeholder dialogues on policies and challenges to promote environmental management and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. Read more
The Plenary Meeting serves as the governing body for APFED II activities. It takes place once every year. APFED members, NetRes representatives and heads of designated international organisations attend the Plenary Meeting to review the progress made in implementing APFED II activities, and to discuss future work programmes taking into account the priority policy challenges in pursuit of sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. Read more
Ryutaro Hashimoto APFED Awards
Image: Gold Prize for 2007 APFED Awards: Floating gardens as community actions for adapting to climate change by Practical Action, a Bangladesh NGOThank you for your interest and support in the Ryutaro Hashimoto APFED Award. We have come to the stage to wrap up our APFED Award programmes. APFED Award reports and information are available on the website. Read more
APFED Good Practice Database
image: database screenshotThe APFED Knowledge Initiative draws lessons and experience from innovative policies and measures implemented for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region, and shares them through the APFED Good Practice Database with all stakeholders concerned.

The Further details of APFED Showcase Programme made available at the winner in 2010.

NetRes is an Asia-Pacific regional network of policy research institutes promoting environmental management and sustainable development which was established as one of the supporting mechanisms for APFED II activities.

APFED Showcase Panel Meeting in Krabi, Thailand
The APFED Showcase Panel adopted 10 proposals for support under the FY 2010 APFED Showcase Programme at its recent meeting held in Krabi, Thailand from 20 - 21 January 2011. The Panel consisted of five eminent persons from the Asia-Pacific region. The Panel members also visited the project site of the 2007 APFED Showcase project “Demonstrating Ecological Mangrove Restoration at Krabi Estuary RAMSAR Site”.
The Ona Keto Community Reforestation Project, Papua New Guinea which was selected as 2007 APFED Showcase programme was selected the national winner of ENERGY GLOBE Award 2010 HYPERLINK" <see more details>

Setting up Rice Husk Gasification Model Project in Vietnam for 2008 APFED Showcase programme was selected the national winner of ENERGY GLOBE Award 2010 HYPERLINK" <see more details>

Sustainable Development of Settlements in Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan for 2007 APFED Showcase Programme was selected as the national winner of ENERGY GLOBE Award 2010 <see more details>

The awarding ceremony was held in Kigali, Rwanda on June 3, 2010, as a part of the celebration event of the World Environment Day 2010 organised by UNEP and the Rwandan government.
2009 the Goldman Environmental Prize
The Project manager of the Promotion of Access to Environmental Information in Bangladesh for 2006 APFED Showcase Programme was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize 2009 <see more details>
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